Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1 Has Arrived

Ok so today the day after I announced to the world wide web that I was going to lose 100 lbs and save $10,000.00 in one year......WHAT WAS I THINKING? I don't even think we spend that much in groceries a year without coupons??????? What am I planning on buying? WOW but the even bigger fear is losing 100 pounds. What is that about and hello I told you all that is my goal.....if you see me out eating or drinking something bad you have every right to correct me. I guess since I am putting this all out on the line you have every right to share in my journey and I hope that sometimes my blog makes you laugh so to repay me for the light happy moments in your day feel free to tell me if I am falling off the wagon. (note to my teacher friends and well everyone else reading this I like run on sentences and please don't judge my blog by my writing....I write like I talk I have been told-Thanks Maribel)

So of course today I had some deals to score. I knew from 3-8 Kroger was giving away FREE Chips yes people FREE chips a bag of them. I thought ok SCORE....I always text my couponing buddy Candace SCORE when I find a good deal. We have a joke when we get Money Makers (when a store is actually paying us to take the product out of the store and this happens quite often) that we will use a blow horn and blow it and scream MONEY MAKER! LOL yea we take couponing seriously! ;-)
So I also knew at Food Lion where I don't like to shop because they don't double coupons but they had a deal on Pampers Pull Ups. WE HATE HUGGIES pull ups in this house because Jalen can undo the velcro side easily and hello accidents! They were on sale for 7.99 and I had 2.00 off coupons so I got them for 5.99 I picked up the last 3 they had. It is a 3 day sale so I plan on going back and using the rest of the 2.00 off coupons and stocking up on some pull ups. (tried potty training last weekend that lasted a day when your son tells you I don't want to be a big boy I guess he knows what he wants!)

So the photo below shows my deals at Food Lion today.
Big time scores I am proud of from this trip-Gallon of milk for 1.68 used a coupon that they printed out from the coupon machine. You walk in the store scan your card it prints out coupons for you. So I got a 1.00 off 2 pillsbury ready to bake cookies-----so not helping the diet------but they were also running a special buy 2 of those same cookies and get 2.00 off a gallon of milk.
Pancakes were buy 1 get one 1 would have been a better deal if I had a coupon but I didn't grrr.
Diapers 7.99 minus my 2.00 off SCORE!
FREE Lays Chips
Total was 68.32
SAVED 27.03
Total Out Of Pocket 41.29
Balance left to save....$9972.97 for the year!

Ok so I know you are probably saying so Michelle you shopped a little today what did you do towards working out and losing weight? Well I didn't do much in that department. I didn't make it to the gym the kids were off and getting out of bed just wasn't in the cards right away. It was a lazy type of day. But tomorrow I have to be at a Tball Meeting for Zoe at 9am and drop Mya at Gymnastics at 845 so I will be up early. I am going to work out tomorrow doing some cardio for 2 hours.  1 of those hours I will be working out with Mikayla walking and trying to get her running at the track. Mikayla told me tonight she wants to lose some weight. She is not overweight but not a rail either. So I told her ok we can work out together a few times during the week and weekends. She can't get mad at me when I tell her no she can't eat something and when I make her plate that is it. She said ok. I guess being overweight as a teenager I don't want that for her so her taking the necessary steps to make sure that doesn't happen to her I applaud her. She won't be like me thinking about losing weight she will do something so her weight isn't a issue like mine is.

My game plan for saving money this weekend is simple. I am going shopping with Erik for summer clothes for Mikayla and we will shop the sale racks and clearance. I am not counting the clothing shopping into the total for 10K that will only be groceries. Last month I stocked up on paper towels and toilet paper. This month I am stocking up on side dishes and a few months worth of canned veggies. Veggies go on the lowest priced sales during Oct Nov Dec (holiday time) meats go on sale during the summer BBQ season. June July so I plan on saving some extra money to stockpile meats. Oh and I am looking for a freezer for the garage if anyone sees any good deals or knows of someone trying to get rid of one. Our freezer fridge that I got in February from saving money on groceries is just to small for our freezer stockpile needs. LOL

I am going to bed I hope you have a great shopping  weekend. Don't forget pharmacies have the best deals on paper and cleaning products check them out first when you are doing your shopping.
CVS Deals starting Sunday
Rite Aid Match ups starting Sunday
Walgreens Deals

Happy Shopping I will update tomorrow after my work outs!
Nighty Night

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