Friday, April 29, 2011

93 cents from 17.20 at Harris Teeter!!!!

I went for my 2nd trip to Harris Teeter this week.
3 Deer Parks 3.00 MONEY MAKER
2 Salad Kits FREE
1 Reach Dental Floss .12 cent MONEY MAKER
3 Smart Balance Milk 1.50 for all 3
1 Pasta for pennies

All in all I paid .93 cents for this order. My daughter thought I was crazy I was so excited I was high fiving her. She told me to stop and she wanted to run away and pretend she didn't know me!


  1. You're rockin' the deals girl!!! I know how excited you must have been and NOTHING feels so good as to know that money stayed in your wallet.

    $10,000 goal, you'll blow by that with no problem LOL!

  2. Nancy I am sure I will pass 10K no problem. It is so exciting!!!!

  3. I'm watching :) I am rooting you on and when you hit the $10K savings mark, I'm going to have to do SOMETHING for you LOL

    You have to celebrate!

    Just think of the impression you're making on your little ones, you may not realize it but it does have a lifelong impact. I started couponing before my kids were born, so they grew up with it and now they're in their 20's and totally get the value of shopping this way.

    Pat yourself on the back, even without 'teaching' them, they are ever observant and learn all the same :)

    You sooooo rock my dear friend, in ways you can't even fathom!

  4. Thank you so much Nancy! I know my kids will be using coupons they joke they hate them but when they learn the value of money they will be asking me for coupons or to raid our stockpile. It will bring me comfort to know we have it on hand for them should they need anything.
    Looking forward to the 19th!