Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am back from Vacay!!

Well I have to admit vacation was so much fun and I ate like a diet was the last thing on my mind. I have a few things to admit....
1. When the exercise room is in my building but I have to walk across the parking lot to the main building to get a room key it was just to far. Working out went out the window. Damn I am lazy!
2. Friendly's was just one block away....growing up with one in my town was great my kids needed to experience it 2 nights in a row they just had to right?
3. I never made it to Bi-Lo I brought my binder and was so ready to shop but I just never found the time the beach and pools were calling.
4. Soda replaced water but it was always diet...I never strayed from that BUT the ice cream really didn't help.
5. I didn't just get any ice cream I got the Reese's Pieces Sunday!
6. All the beating up in the world on myself coming home was so not worth it....I ONLY GAINED 1 LB on vacation!!!! I got it off and a extra one the very next day in the gym. I think my body needed that break and I enjoyed it.

So I added up my coupons savings tonight and I am pleased to say I saved 623.90 this month in groceries. I am going to adjust totals once a month in the ticker I have going. I am sure I will beat the 10K goal I have for myself....the losing 100 lbs well not so sure on that buy hey a girl can try!

Tonight I went to a coupon swap my first official one. I was walking up thinking what am I doing I don't know these people and I am doing this alone. But I so needed to get out of my shell and do this because it was fun. I was amazed how many coupons we had passing around. It was crazy all the money in that room! I got some great coupons and figured out how to do a swap. They meet monthly so if you are in the local area and want to come I can fill you in on where to go. I am very excited about tomorrow....Harris Teeter Super Doubles!!!! I will update tomorrow with pics what I get. I am taking 10.00 with me let's see if I can get everything within my 4.16 goal pre tax for the items.

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