Monday, May 16, 2011

The last 2 days

Ok I did pretty good on the 800 calories but I think I got more to 1000. LOL I am ok with that as I think 800 is a bit low. The 1000 I would say came from these 2 pretzels Erik made. I ate 2 of them and they were 120 calories. But I ate them at 9 at night and I was mad I ate after 6pm. So I am going to work on not eating after 6. This am I got up at 445 for the gym. I wanted to do Body Pump but I fell back asleep for a few minutes work up at 506 and realized I won't make the 515 class. But I was up and wanted to work out. I drove to the gym the sun was coming up and I said forget the gym I am going to walk the track. I walked 2 miles and came home. I wasn't sure what time it was at that point and it was very bright out. I knew I had to be home to get the kids at 730.
I stayed in work out mode and went back to the gym at 930 for Step class. This class is challenging to me because of all the choreography but I am sure it will get easier. So in class the room was so hot I was sweating like a beast I thought I was going to pass out. The instructor actually came back and asked me if it was all sweat LOL. I made it thru class and was so proud. Facebook is a great motivator because I posted about it staying in the gym for 5 days straight and 2 of my friends commented on it and how glad they were to see me. Day 1 down!
Tomorrow I will walk again since I know the sun comes up so early I like that vs. being inside the gym. I might even start the training for the marathon tomorrow I was going to wait until June 1st. But who knows maybe it will help. But I doubt it LMBO didn't help when I started training for the half. Tomorrow is Body Combat and Body Pump can't wait to get back to these classes again! YAY
I got on the scale this am no big change so I am not going to worry about that. I have to admit I am hungry on just 800 calories so I am drinking tons of water. Also going to the bathroom tons. Good thing I am frugal and get toilet paper dirt cheap HAHA
Heading in the direction of 100 lbs down for sure by the end of the year.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diet Diet Diet

So I saw on FB a lady said she went from 311 to 150 lbs in a year. I had to email her of course LOL. She said she ate 800 calories a day under strict supervision of her Dr. Monday I am going to call my Dr. and get a appt. I want to do it. I am going to try to do it like this.

190 Slimfast Shake
100 calorie Slimfast Snack Bar
190 Slimfast Shake and I am going to add in a salad here
100 calorie apple
200 calorie Weight Watchers Meal

This with the salad will put me a little over 800 calories but I think that is ok. The lady I was talking with SHE DIDN'T WORK OUT! She said she waited until she got to the end of her journey and started to work out to tone up. Well I need to work out so maybe it will go faster.

So I will try this slimfast/800 calorie diet for the month and report back how it goes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coming out of my funk.....LOL

After I wrote that post this am I thought WOW I am really being a Debbie Downer I have so many things to be thankful for and happy. So I am going to post something HAPPY! Well happy for me at least.

It is 2:25 and I have not strayed from my Slim Fast Meal Plan. So I am not sure if I talked about this before. I watched GMA well I watch it daily it is my way of keeping up with what is going on in the world. So they reviewed the top 3 diet plans. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Slim Fast. Well surprisingly Weight Watchers came in last. It didn't do so well in the long term where Jenny Craig did. But Slim Fast beat WW and since I had some WW shakes ok we have 2 cases sitting in the outside fridge LMBO I decided to put them to good use. So I have had today.
1 Slim fast shake for bfast
1 Slim fast snack bar around 10 for a snack.
1 Slim fast shake for lunch and a apple with PB LOVE THAT!
I am going to carpool in a little bit so I am going to bring another snack bar and for dinner I am having a 500 calorie dinner. For snack I am eating a 100 calorie bar tonight a WW Ice Cream bar. I am going for 1500-1800 cal a day. My hubby thinks that is to low but I am going to see what it does. Oh and water OMG I am going to float away. I have been drinking water non stop. So I am excited things are going good today on the weight loss front HAHA


So much in my life is not going where I want it to go.
My handbag company is causing me stress and anxiety. Daily I work on handbooks, brochures, order forms, consultant training docs but I am so scared to get a damn bag made. I am scared because I did this once before with a friend and we had each other to rely on for support and to vent. I really don't have anyone to throw ideas off of. It is very lonely and scary. Scary in the sense that when a consultant signs up I know having been in Direct Sales many years before starting my own company 5 years ago that you put all your dreams into your business. You set out and book parties, recruit consultants and many times they quit for one reason or another. I don't want the consultants to quit I want them to see that this is a company that I care about them and I hope with my help I can help them achieve a goal no matter how big or how small it is.
This who weight loss thing is causing me stress to the next level. I wanted to be at goal by this summer yet the scale keeps going up. I thought of gastric bypass for so long went to seminars in VA on it. I just was scared of death! A friend had it in January and lost 89 lbs already. Another friend had it previously she did great but put on some weight again. Another had it and looks fabulous and no complications for any of them. Well the one has a iron issue but hell she is skinny! I used to love going to the gym and working out what happened to me????? So I talked to my mom and my husband and a friend about it. I looked up the horror stories on the internet and well damn it that scared me out of it again. But what is it going to take?
The couponing is going great that is one highlight in my life. I am saving money and that is a good thing. We found our dream house in a town close to here. I went to bed and was thinking anything is possible. I CAN get all this weight off. I CAN have that house even if it isn't tomorrow I will one day be able to afford a house like this. I CAN start this company and help men and women achieve his or her own goals. But damn it what is wrong with me??? Why can't I believe it not just think it?
I used to be happy go lucky Michelle where is she when is she coming back?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

TLC Extreme Couponing 5-4-11

WOW what a great show that was. I have to admit this ranks up with Nathan's 2nd Episode as my fav one so far. The couple who were able to donate what was it over 20K in free products AMAZING. So how can you do something like this? Well what I read on the forums and what I was most interested in was the jeans. They could only print 2 so this was for a church so I am sure they put out a request for people to print coupons. So if you have friends or family that won't use the coupons ask them to print them just send the link to them and ask them to print it. Man I wish I was still working I would have been able to print tons LOL.

I am all about teaching my kids in real life lessons. They have seen on our way to drop off my daughter last year at preschool lining up at the food bank at 8am. They asked what was going on and I explained to them that they are going to go for food and people donate food and supplies. Well this summer I am going to have them learn about donating. I know that Angel Food Ministries my oldest daughter can help bring out groceries to the cars. My little ones might not be able to help with that though. But I want them to see me in action giving back and losing weight. This summer they will each have a large tote that they will shop with me weekly (makes for a good one on one time too) that we will shop and come home with stuff they want to donate. They can fill up the tote and it will be a rewarding experience to fill that tote up hopefully lots of times and donate it.

I also need to become hard mommy in the working out department. My oldest needs more activity. Last night I went to go work out and told her come with me lets go walk while we wait for your sister at gymnastics. She said no and I gave in and said fine. But I can't do that I know that taking the first step is the hardest. So I am not going to take no anymore. She MUST walk with me. I am doing this for her and for me. My kids will learn from what they see so me losing weight and saving money hopefully it will be second nature for them.

I am not going shopping again until Sunday. Taking a break since I hit every store yesterday. Hubby is off it is our 11 year anniversary tomorrow. I am looking to go get a present for him so I might look online for a coupon for the store I am going to. We are going to dinner tonight hopefully Moe's for $3.00 Joey Burritos. Plus tomorrow night we are going to the movies. Saved on babysitting fees when my friend and I agreed to swap baby sitting on our anniversaries LOL. So I will watch her kids next month! Feliz Cinco De Mayo friends!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shopping is almost done for the month.

My husband has 3 teeth pulled yesterday OUCH! We were only expecting 1 but the dentist looked and said well you have 2 wisdom teeth that are in bad shape I can take them before it starts hurting you OR I can get them today and you won't feel the pain later. So my brave husband said ok take them all. So implants are coming next....looks like I better keep doing coupons to afford these 1400 FAKE TEETH LOL. I haven't asked but I wonder is it for all 3 teeth or just the one tooth because you don't need your wisdom teeth right? Hmm I need to ask about this one maybe we can get a deal SCORE!!!!

Ok so he was off today so I decided to use our food budget money and try to do all the shopping for the month today. Well as much stuff as I could get on sale I am not buying stuff if it isn't a good deal. So far today I am done with everything BUT
3 Chicken breasts packages I can't find them on sale anywhere. But I have 2 packages here from last month so I can use them until they go on sale I have 2 more weeks LOL.
2 Packages of Turkey Burgers from Jenny O Cajun Seasoning Thanks Candace Erik loves these! LOL We went to our friend Candace's awhile ago and my husband had these. He had the ones from BJ's not sure of the brand and loved them he had these and said I have no idea what I was eating before but it is gross compared to Jenny O so I have to go to Walmart for these so I might hit them up on the way home from getting the kids.
4 London Broils I know I should have gotten them last week during the bogo sale but I assumed that they would still have the sale going on until Memorial day. I have 2 London Broils in the freezer and 4 Beef Tenderloins so if I don't get them I won't be meal less but I really want to get these on bogo so I will wait until it happens again.
2 Garlic Bread Texas Toast or Pepperidge Farm none were on sale from where I went today and I went to Kroger, Harris Teeter, Lowes and ran into Food Lion for a quick walk thru.
2 Cream Cheese getting at Aldi
3 Butters getting at Aldi
School snacks (I have a few but not sure the kids will like them. 49 cent rice cakes with a 55 cent off 2 coupon I got 6 of them I hope the kids like them.)
Ice Cream for toothy over here LOL
Tater tots cuz he wants grilled cheese and tater tots for dinner tonight.
Pretzels not sure why he wants pretzels but ok.

So far I have spent 260.00 for my monthly groceries and I don't plan on spending more then 75.00 on all of this so I will be under 350.00 for a family of 4 groceries. That is like 85 a week!

I have also decided I will not buy anymore
Pasta, Rice, Mac and Cheese, Taco stuff, Veggies, Detergent, fabric softener, shampoo, soap, deodorant, or conditioner.

I have so much of this stuff the stockpile areas are exploding!
So far I have saved 200.75 and spent 260.85 as of 5-4-11 at 2:24pm LMBO I am going shopping in a little bit for my Aldi and Walmart runs.

I met a lady in the store gave her some coupons and talked to her about couponing. She was into it but curious if I was one of those Extreme Couponers. I said well I hope to be that way one day. 43% savings for the month so far I need to get to 55% savings this month!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monthly Total YAY!!!

Ok so I pulled out all my receipts today and I am so excited to share the news.
Cost 2146.52
Saved 1113.71
Total Out of Pocket 1088.12
52% Savings for the month.

This includes groceries, clothes, and our trip in Myrtle Beach when I saved 192 on tickets!
I must say I normally wouldn't spend this much so I am curious to see what next month brings because hubby has told me the spending needs to slow down. Kinda funny he is telling me the spending needs to slow down when I am saving so much. HAHA But we have our income tax check I have been pulling from so I was able to spend more. But I also bought clothes for the trip and did grocery shopping for Easter and the trip. I didn't skimp on the trip we had a condo so we had breakfast and made lunch daily in our condo. Dinner we did out but I had lots of snacks and goodies on the trip.

I am so excited I hope to next month be at 55% savings. I haven't gone shopping yet this month and it is already 2 days into the month. I am plotting a huge trip to Tacos and Tostito's LOL so I am waiting for payday and I am off shopping! YAY!

It was fun shopping but I can't wait to build the soldiers packets I will figure out the totals tonight what I need for those. I will post that too.
Hope you all had a great day,

Getting Fit!

So lately I have been focusing on saving money with coupons I have let the gym and my nutrition get out of focus. I have been gaining weight and it isn't pretty. So I need to have a goal and I found this great facebook page where they do monthly challenges. So I joined!

I am on the Purple Yellow Team! This is Get Moving May. I need to track the minutes I do cardio and toning PLUS how many OZ of water I drink. I just journal for the month. I am going to get back to running. I want to start the couch to 5K program again. Funny after running a half marathon going back to the couch to 5K but I am going to start again slowly and work my way up to a half or maybe even a full for next Winter/Spring.

So this is my game plan for the week.
Drinking 1 1/2 gallon a day of fluids water and crystal light
Tonight I am doing Spin
Tues 1 Hour Running Class in the gym and 1 spin class
Wed 1 Hour Spin 1 Hour Weights
Thur 3 Classes so 3 Hrs of Cardio and 1 hr weights
Fri 1 hour cardio 1 hour weights
Sat 1 hour weights 1 hour cardio

In the gym I take
Spin, TTT which is 20 minutes in 3 circuits of weights, cardio, step. I also do Body Pump and Body Combat. I am looking to see how I can work in some water aerobics classes. I also want to incorporate swimming on M W F at 630 and swim a mile daily in the gym.

My Goal is to also stay on track for WW points and journal that as well!
So exciting I hope to lose 15 lbs this month and get this horrible number off the scale!