Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Baby!!!!!

Ok so today I planned on going and waking up at 6 to be in the store by 630 I just didn't get up I looked at the clock and thought those coupon ladies will leave some stuff on the shelves FOR SURE! HELLO what was I thinking banging my head against the empty Smart Balance Milk Door!!!!

So last night I met a fearless couponer named Nancy. She doesn't use a binder yes you read that correct she DOES NOT use a binder. I am amazed but she does use a check filing system file that is plastic so it won't come apart and she shops with her coupons in a envelope with her fabulous list on top. Nancy saves 75% on her shopping trips all the time so I thought if it works for Nancy I want to do it like her. As I am typing this it reminds me of Fancy Nancy I have to tell her next time that is my new nickname for so fits her she is a riot! So I got all my coupons out of my binder and got over my fear of what if they are out of stock of the item on my list. She said just go to your next day and pull something from that list. (she keeps all her HT shopping trip coupons in this envelope for the week)

So here is my list
1 Smart Balance Milk with a 1.50Q making it free
3 Smart Balance Milk with a 1.00Q making it .50 cents each
3 Minute Rice Steamers 1.00! making it free
3 Kotex 1.00Q making it free
3 Reach Floss 1.00Q making it free
3 Baily Creamers 1.00Q making it 19 cents
3 Hefty Paper Plates 1.25 on 2 Q which I thought would make it .69
1 Band Aid with neosporin 1.50Q making it 29 cents

Here is where it goes downhill and fast! Smart Balance Milk is OUT!
Kotex ummm hello what pricing was I looking at? It was on a national site so no idea what pricing but I learned from a new coupon friend in the HT that I met last night that I can check thes store here by store because they have different prices and I would have seen the kotex are not that price in the Holly Springs store I was in.
Bailey's Creamer damn coupon printer thing I printed my coupons yesterday well it said I printed my 2 already....ummm no I didn't so I only had 1 to use.
Band Aids again these were 3.99 I am sorry I don't need bandaids for 99 cents....that sounds funny seriously before I would have bought them for that and stocked up thinking 99 cents is a not the case anymore.
Hefty Paper plates were 3.79 a package so I was so not going to pay 7 and some change to get 2.50 off I can get a better deal elsewhere.
I saw a clearance area with 3 buggies full of stuff. I got 3 Glade Oil Candles in the tin for 2.12 I had a 1.00Q so I only paid 36 cents for 3 of them in total....I love smelly stuff for my house LOL

Ok so the good news I hadn't planned on doing the Homestyle Mac and Cheese yet that was for day 3 but I had the coupons so I got 3 of them for 50 cents. I got Birdeye steamers they were 1.00 each I had a 1 off 3 so it was really 2.00 off 3 with the doubled coupon so I paid 33 cents a bag. I liked that deal so I used 2 coupons and got 6 bags for 2.00 SCORE!
Minute Rice Steamers....OK I AM STEAMING MAD!!!! Ladies and Gents if you are not buying it don't take the peely off of it. I got 3 steamers for FREE but my peelies were gone. Ughhh I just don't get that it isn't yours and you are stealing someone elses coupon. Grrrrr
I did get 1 Bailey's Creamer for 19 cents I am happy with that. I don't really drink coffee I just like the creamers LOL. I put about half a cup of coffee and half a cup of creamer hehe!
I got my 3 reach floss they were 1.65 and I got paid .35 a piece for these...I will get to that at the end how I got paid for these things and HT doesn't pay you for overage.
I got 3 6 packs of Deer Park Water they were 1.00 I had a 1Q so it doubled to 2 so I was paid 3.00 to take these from the store.
2 Cheese Nips they were 1.00 each I had a 1.00 off Q that does not double so I got them for 1.00 for 2 50 cents a box is a deal to me SCORE!
Hidden Valley Salad kit was 2.00 I had a 1 Q doubled to make it free....I was hunting the store to get another free item.

So I go to self checkout with my helper shopper Jalen....I love shopping with him he gets a kick out of the coupon printers in the aisles and he loves to drive the carts but today he decided to take a kids cart and shop. So I am checking out and I think it is a new cashier because she keeps calling a girl over when a beep goes on the register when a guy was checking out. I think oh good god I hope this goes ok. So I ring all my stuff up. I hit the coupons button and hand her my coupons to scan. I am watching and counting because I know it is 20 coupons. I see the total only came down 20.00 and I had already scanned my debit card so I couldn't stop the transaction. I let the receipt print and I go to the customer service desk. Ummm excuse me the cashier only scanned 10 of my coupons not the entire 20. The cashier comes over and says oh something must have not beeped and I just kept scanning and they weren't working! UMMM OMG!
So the customer service clerk and me go and grab all 20 of my coupons she doesn't ask to see the items and she just takes out the last 10 coupons....THANK GOD!
I got the water and reach in that part so I was paid 3.00 for water and 1.05 for 3 dental floss.
My total before VIC discounts and coupons was 58.93 Out of Pocket (OOP) was 1.82 I saved 57.11!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all it was a great shopping day. I got a raincheck on the 4 smart balance milks. Tomorrow my plan is
3 Smart Balance (going to another HT)
3 Rice Steamers
1 Reach Floss
3 Kraft Mac and Cheese
3 Salad Kits
After that I am not sure I will check the stores prices to see what else I can get for free. I love couponing and can't wait to go back tomorrow!!!!


  1. that's awesome, you did a great job!!! Do you shop at the FV store?

  2. Connie no I don't shop at the FV store anymore if you mean the one by Dairy Queen. They are always out of stock on items so I don't rely on them for super doubles. I go to the Holly Springs ones and Cary. LOVE THEM!

  3. AWESOME DEALS!!! I wish I had a closer HT, would definitely be there tomorrow. Closet one is 35 mins away!! Oh well!!!