Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

I love to write...those of you that follow me on FB and get emails from me I am sure you know this already!
So let me tell you a bit about me.....

My name is Michelle and my parents divorced when I was 5. We didn't live lavishly before the divorce and after the divorce things didn't change much except one major change (besides leaving my brothers and dad in Florida) we moved to NJ in with the best Grandparents in the world. My Grandma taught me many things but one that is the most important is NEVER MESS UP YOUR CREDIT! Hmmmm wish I would have listened to her instead of taking out the Spiegel credit card. Curse you Spiegel for sending a 18 year old a $850.00 credit limit!

My mom and grandma used coupons when I was growing up. I remember shopping in Food Town and putting the coupon on top of the item for the cashier. Or the grumpy cashiers who wouldn't take the coupons off if I didn't get the coupon on in time and she already scanned and bagged the item. I also remember shopping with my Grandma and beeping the horn for everyone to come out and help bring in the bags. I always got a special treat when I went shopping with her.

Growing up I put on weight I wish I could tell you I was a 20 lb line backer looking newborn. Well that wasn't the case I was a normal size 6 lbish bouncing joyful beautiful FABULOUS baby girl. HAHA so I like to I was right??????? I remember shopping alone because my friends fit in regular size stores and not me. I was ok with it because I always thought ok the weight is going to come off but I just need to figure out how to do it. I joined Weight Watchers numberous times....the first time in High School with my Grandma and have to be ready to do something like that I so wasn't ready. I seemed to think I was FABULOUS so my weight never really got in my way. I enjoy life and live it to the fullest most of the time.

September 2007 was life changing for me. I watched as my Grandma passed away before my eyes. I watched as her children prayed around her in a circle this was my family and I stepped back for a minute and watched her children praying over her as she lie in a coma like state. I swore in that instant I WOULD LOSE this weight I would never want my children to pray over me dieing and I would do anything I could to stop it. My grandma didn't die due to her weight it was Kidney Failure but if I could do anything to keep me here on this earth to enjoy my kids, my husband, my aunts and uncles, cousins, in-laws, Grandpa and Family and Friends all over so help me God I was going to do it.

I considered Gastric Bypass but that ran a huge risk of me dying...NOPE not a option. I thought of Lap Band and when I heard I needed a needle to get a fill....HECK NO! I gave birth 3 times no needles because I was scared of them. Jalen being born in NC they said I had to have a IV I was not a happy camper! So as my Grandma was in the hospital I sent a wish to heaven with her for God to send me and Erik my amazing husband a son. Well wouldn't ya know it 2 months later I was pregnant....on my Grandma's bday I found out the baby I was carrying was a boy.....on my Grandparents anniversary I had our son sent from my Grandma....he is a blessing from heaven. I remember being alone with him after Erik went to get the girls and his Grandma who helped raise him too passed away the night before. We both lost our Grandma's in such a short span of time. I remember saying as his Grandma's sun set our Son's sun rose. The nurse that was caring for me started to cry. So me and Jalen were alone and I was holding him and I told him you will never know me this way. You will never know me as overweight. You will know me as FIT and FABULOUS...the frugal part hadn't come into play if I only knew back in the day....I could be a millionaire! LOL

So I started working out I lost the baby weight and 60 pounds pretty easily. Working out, weight watchers because I was ready for it and I lost another 20 for 80 lbs total gone. I lost 6 dress sizes and I am able to shop in regular stores! The journey is far from over but I hope you stick around and join me as I go on a mission to lose 100 lbs! I ran a 1/2 marathon in February 13.1 miles THANK YOU! My next challenge a Triathalon.

So how did this frugal thing come to be? It all started on New Years Eve watching TLC's Extreme Couponing. Seriously a man bought 5700 worth of merchandise and paid 251.00.....HELLO hold the phone I gotta get more Sunday Papers and Coupons! I have in the month of March over 850.00 on items my family will use. I will share with you my deals I find and my journey to save $10,000.00 in grocery bills from April 1, 2011- April 1, 2012.

Hopefully in April of 2012 You will still think I am fabulous, I WILL be fit, and you will see how frugal I am and maybe I will have taught you a few things.

Oh one last thing about coupons. People say they don't have coupons for things I use....if you use toothpaste, deodorant, dishwasher or dish detergent, tooth brushes, laundry detergent or bodywash/soap YOU NEED TO COUPON for that stuff alone. You shouldn't have to pay for that or pay under 1.00 for it with coupons most of the time. If you see you are getting to much and the stuff is free.....DONATE it to the local fire dept, police station, EMT department, and the Military Branches.

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  1. What a fantastic and heartwarmng story. The story about your son brought tears to my eyes. I do so believe in prayers to heaven.

    Congratulations on the weightloss. I am in the same boat. I have hypothyroid, diabetes, fibro, cfs, chronic intractable pain and more. Losing weight is so difficult because my spinal pain makes it impossible for me to exercise.

    God bless you and I love your site~~~