Monday, April 11, 2011

Beach in 9 days anyone?

We are going to the beach in 9 days and I am so excited. I went to Myrtle Beach 2 years ago for a moms weekend. It was so nice and a seemed like a great place to take the kids. So we are going and I can't wait!!!

We are staying in a condo with a workout facility so I plan on working out daily. Plus walking on the beach and hell I might even try running while the sun is rising so no one is around to see me jiggle jiggle LMAO. But I plan on staying on point with weight watchers except for one cheat day. We got the condo so we can have more room and cook our own meals. It is so expensive to eat out for every meal with a family of 6 so I have been stockpiling vacation foods.

This past weekend I was shopping and got lots of goodies. I stocked up on cases of capri sun, diet coke with lime, coke zero, chips for the kids and the hubby, pretzels for me, pop tarts for the kids, diapers, wipes, and I think that was pretty much it so far. But this weekend we had a sleepover party for my daughter and I needed to get items for that.

I didn't take pics because we were running around and at our last stop my daughter informed me her finger hurt. I looked and it was purple. We were at the dr. on Wednesday for this same finger and he gave us a antibiotic we aren't sure what happened to her finger. But I had to drop the freezer and cold items off and run back out car full of groceries to the dr. I wasn't about to take it all out to take pics.

Some big scores
1.49 sit and stand refreshners I got 8 of them for .49 cents I had a 1.00 off coupon. I got the display stand as well because I bought almost a whole box the girl said yea take it. I like getting the display fixture it is easier to stockpile.
Lowes Foods
I am a hot dog snob...I admit it but I really don't like hot dogs anywhere but the ball park. But I will eat a Nathan's hotdog. So they were on sale for 3.99 reg 5.98 at Lowes. So I got 7 packages LOL. I figure we can use them on the grill all summer and they are easy to cook for lunch on the indoor grill for the kids.
My daughter is starting TBall and our vacation coming up I like to have gatorade on hand. They had 8 packs for 3.99 reg 6.98 as a Lowes Rewards Customer I could get 2 so I got 2!
Food Lion
Sunny D was on sale for 1.00 I got 5 my kids love them and have gone thru 3 of them already in 2 days.
I also got a free Capri Sun case using the coupon printing machine when you walk in the door. LOVED that!

So far for the month I have gone over budget...God Love the income tax check LOL but we also had 2 parties I stocked up for, vacation, and stockpiling.
12 Taco kits
10 Mac and Cheese
10 WW meals
4 packages of waffles
4 boxes of waffle mix
16 bags of shredded cheese
10 boxes of rice a roni
12 packages of potatoes
40 cans of veggies
6 garlic bread
5 pepperidge farms cakes

So we are good for the next month and this month on sides and meats. I have been buying quite a large bit of produce too almost every other day I am picking up some kind of produce. This weekend alone we ate 4 packages of strawberries.
Next month the goal is to stay under 200 for food budget for the month. I get a budget of 500 a month from the hubby but I have been trying to teach myself to put that towards another bill or savings so we shall see how that is just so much fun to stockpile. But I am running out of room to tell you the truth and I refuse to have my stuff all over the house! But I am also keeping in the back of my mind the money I save could go towards a freezer. I want a freezer so bad for the garage and soon. Meat is going to be going on sale for Memorial Day I am sure. I want to load up on London Broil and I am sure Ham to for Easter.

So this month
Retail 1157.58
Coupons 458.45
I Paid 699.13
Saved 40% total so far....I would be dead if I spent almost 1200 a month on groceries. My husband loves me but not that much LOL to spend that much. But it just goes to show what coupons can do for your budget.

On the bottom of my Kroger receipt I see extra rewards

Pull Ups 6.99 limit 2 I have 2 off coupons so 4.99 for pull ups!
Pork chops in a package for 4.00 SCORE
Crisco Veg Oil 48oz for 1.99 and I have a coupon YAY~

So I will be going to Kroger today as it expires tomorrow. Always check the bottom of your receipts for deals! I haven't hit up the pharmacies in the past 2 weekends. I have so much health and beauty stuff. Even if it is free I don't want to bring it in the house it will be free again. I am going to look for Easter Basket stuff though sometime this week.

I will post pics from the beach and my trip to Bi-Lo....I can't wait to try out that store!!!!

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  1. Following you on GFC. Great blog! I hope you enjoy Myrtle Beach. We love going there too!