Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I feel the need to tell you this little part of me besides being Frugal Fit and Fabulous......I too am a FANATIC about the Royal Family. My first time ever hearing about the Royal Family I was 6 years old watching the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I was with my Grandma watching it at the crack of dawn and I can remember the beautiful train and tiara. I am thankful I had a Grandma who

shared in my crazy obsession with the Royal Family. She would subscribe to all the tabloids and magazines and give them to me after she read them. I had scrapbooks made of Diana and eventually Sarah the Duchess of York when she married into the family. I remember Princess Diana was coming to America to FAO Schwartz growing up so close to NYC it was a given I was going to NY. My mom took me and I will never forget the first time seeing her in person it was so much fun to be in the same area as a real life princess.
My Grandmother heard a high school in our town was going to England and my Grandma was friends with the teacher running it. We got to go on tour and from my Royal Magazines that post the monthly schedule I knew when we were going it was the Prince's Trust Concert in London and we would be in London that day. My grandmother went to the concierge and asked about tickets he said no sorry that is not going on she must be wrong. My Grandma laughed and told him she is never wrong when it comes to the Royals. We went to the play and she said that I would be able to go and my Aunt Terry and me snuck out of the play and I got to see Prince Charles and Princess Diana. That isn't the best part that was the next morning when my Grandma went back to that same concierge and said see I told you see was right and he said sorry! While in London we went into Kensington Palace and saw a Royal Museum. I was walking ahead because I knew I would get to the Diana part. I was alone and came upon her wedding gown and screamed. Security came and my Grandma yelled to my Aunt Terry to come get me....she knew it was Diana's gown LOL. That has to be my favorite memory of my Grandma seeing her gown together. We would share Royal books we bought and sadly when Princess Diana died in that Paris car crash I was living away in VA. I had friends and family calling to offer condolences and see how I was. It was insane it was just known I was a huge fan and that I would be so sad. My husband met me that June and she passed away in August...he stuck around with me after the days of 24/7 news coverage. I left to go to NJ to watch the funeral with my Grandma. I remember watching Earl Spencer giving his eulogy of Diana and me and her looking at each other with our mouths on the floor like no he didn't just say that! We often talked about going to London when William and Harry get married. Sadly my Grandma passed away and she didn't get to see this. My aunts were talking with me and my mom via computer and phone today. I chatted with friends online sharing in the day.

As a mom I have been very emotional I guess I see it in 2 ways. 1 I see it as a mom who is worried for this young woman and hope she knows what she is getting herself into. I thought in the run up to the wedding hmmm it isn't that crazy maybe they will leave her alone after the wedding. BUT hello this wedding was beautiful they are not going to be left alone. 2 I wanted so much for my girls to see this and dream like I did about being a princess one day and knowing that in the world real life Princesses are not just in books. Plus not everyone gets happily ever after.

I watched the wedding and the coverage in the days leading up and when I caught the first glimpse of William WHOA he looked so cute! I thought well when she gets a view of him at the end of the alter it is going to make her pass out. When I saw her I thought uh oh we are going to have 2 of them passing out. I was thrilled to see she did wear a tiara and sad to not see a very long train. But all in all a good day.

Favorite moments of the day
First glimpse of Kate with her dad in the car.
Harry looking like a nervous wreck it was so cute!
William talking to Kate's dad at the alter and the lip readers claiming he said-"wasn't this suppose to be a small family affair?"
Kate walking out of the balcony saying "oh wow!"
Prince Charles holding his step grand daughter on the balcony precious!
The 2nd Kiss it seemed to take her by surprise and her giggle afterwards
Personally my little prince Jalen seeing the horses walking and heads going up and down and he turns to me and says "Mommy the horses are saying yes!"

Here are some of my favorite pics of the day. I hope you enjoyed your day. My kids and I had a Royal breakfast with Dunkin Donuts Royal Donut and Tea which they hated on my Grandma's China. I know she would have gotten a kick out of that.

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