Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30th Harris Teeter :-(

So I went last night with my kids to get
3 Milks
3 Mac and Cheese
3 Steamers
1 Mio drink
EVERYTHING was out in the Fuquay store on 401 by Dairy Queen. No surprise but I wanted to get out after being up since 3am watching the Royal Wedding I was ready for a shopping break.

Well this morning I woke up at 630am and ran to the store because I was told that they were getting a truck in and they would have the stuff in the am. NOT I went they were out of Milk, I got 3 mac and cheese, and no steamers or Mio drinks. The Mio drinks were not even in a spot in this store but they were before?????
So I got my mac and cheese thinking ok I will just try the Holly Springs one later while my daughters are at practice. Did I mention I have the most talented kids? LMBO Every mom says that right? 1 is a Gold Medal Winning Competitive Dancer, 1 is a Competitive Gymnast who has a 2nd home on the beam and too won many Gold Medals, 1 is a Dancer, Gymnast, T-Ball, Work momma and daddy to the nerves Gold Medalist ;-), and our son he hasn't shown his true talent yet he is only 2 but he swears he wants to be a hockey player but points at baseball and says hocket so we will see what he really means in due time. Ok back to the task at hand see I can go on and on about my kids!
So I get in line and see a couple in front of me with the ughhh Coupon Nightmare Cashier. I swear lady if you hate coupons that much maybe you shouldn't work in the only grocery store in town that has Super Doubles! But not only that the Co-Manager from HE** was standing next to her. The couple has no binder and I don't see tons of coupons but I at first think Please God let them tell me go first I only had 3 coupons LOL but I am glad they didn't. What I witnessed Corporate will get a letter from me about this manager who shall remain nameless I don't want to get sued LOL. But if you see me out in person ask me I will tell you. ;-) So I notice they have items that will be using coupons so I like to watch the game as much as I like to play so I gladly wait my turn and sit back and wait to do the SCORE cheer for them because I think they will save a ton. 1st transaction great no problems. I hate saying she and he because I have a feeling I will learn her name. Because you see she is the 1st person who knew me from my couponing blog so she reads to you the great saving Diva Kudos to you and tell me your name we should shop together!
So they have items left in the buggy and they say this is a seperate order. The cashier and manager both say they don't seperate orders as they shake heads and breath out that sigh like ughhhhh x 10.
So the manager says if your card is used and it is attached with her number it isn't going to work. The man says well it shouldn't be. He gives the coupons to the Coupon hater and she says see they didn't double. He said I don't know why. I would have loved to been able to come in and save the day and say here scan my card but it was only 645am and I still had 17 other coupons to double at the Holly Springs Store so I couldn't. Ughh I felt so selfish and at the same time a bit like I should have made them eat that little ughhhhh x10 and attitude they were giving these 2 customers. I don't know if they really lived apart like they said but neither did the rude manager or coupon hating cashier. So I was taking the customers word....THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! But thankfully another customer was in line behind us with 2 items and she saved the day. She said here use my card I swear I heard to coupon angels singing SCORE....close your eyes and imagine with me SCORE!!!!! sung by beautiful angels. That's right Mean Manager and Coupon Hating Cashier us Coupon Men and Women Stick TOGETHER! So the customer said well I want a VIC card they said we need your ID and if corporate puts it together that you have 2 cards at the same address they will be put together. That is when the manager said and don't get me wrong he can feel anyway he wants BUT NEVER IN FRONT OF THE CUSTOMER DO YOU SAY STUFF NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the Manager says "People will find a way to manipulate the system anyway they can." I had enough and said are you the manager he said ughhh yea in a snotty tone like Duh Yea like that. I said well listen I worked in retail many years you should never say anything to a customer like that. Telling them they are manipulating the system. He said it was a general statement not directed at them just a statement. I said well I apologize I thought it was directed at them as I saw his name badge in full view. I believe he is the overnight manager and HT did something right doing that he only works with the employees most of the time not the customers. I will commend them on that. But seriously I had customers who would return used shoes when I was younger and a manager at Bob's Stores. We never said no or Kohl's too they have a never say no return policy. Mr Mean Manager get over it maybe you should work in a store that doesn't use coupons and you get to be rude to customers...oh wait not many stores like that still in business right?
This did not turn me off from HT just THIS HT. I am sure they won't miss me but I did like the General Manager he was a very nice man and he will be getting a visit from me. My husband says not to say anything they might take it out on me but they can't and I am not going to sit by and let a mean manager or cashier that hates coupons just keep doing this.

So I went to my daughter's Tball practice and we had snack today so I ran well drove but I have run from my house to Avent Ferry road before (man that hurt) training for the 1/2 marathon. I got
2 boxes of Granola Bars
2 Hi C Juice Boxes packages
2 Mac and Cheese the coupons didn't double the system is so smart!
3 Waters
3 Steamers
The milk is out everywhere. I think I might go to Walmart later and price match at Walmart I love this milk.
All of this for 11.61 I saved 26.00 So 31.61 Retail and 11.61 Cost! LOVE IT!

I put the stuff away in a hurry because the rice was outside at practice and the granola bars and hi c is gone LOL. I will post my letter this weekend that I send to corporate. I am getting excited about the inserts tomorrow. Debating on 4-6 papers or just buying coupons or on I can get 40 inserts for 22.20 I am thinking that might be the best way to go. Still tossing it all around in my head.
If you have any ideas tell me. I plan on doing one Extreme Couponing trip at Kroger this month. I want to plan one with the manager and do it with his consent. He is a nice guy I think he will let me try it out LOL.

I love my Harris Holly Springs and the Manager is so customer service driven it is a delight shopping in that store WITH COUPONS TOO!


  1. There are a number of stores that no longer allow back to back transactions (HT stores) because people were using family, friends, neighbor e-vic cards and wiping out the shelves day one and leaving nothing for others and I can understand their enforcement on that issue.

    As to the Main St FV store and it's general attitude toward customers, I quit going there last year as a result of their attitude.

  2. Further, in speaking with a HT store manager early one morning this week, thanking him and his staff for the tremendous job they always do but especially during Super Doubles, we talked about store level decisions.

    It is my impression that the managers have some leeway in deciding to accept DND coupons and letting them double when scanned. Because as long as that coupon begins with a "5", it will scan, it's only when they pull the coupons that state DND out can they control the doubling aspect.

    So there are stores that do and stores that follow corporate policy which states they DND coupons that state that.

    I know where I shop. Where I am appreciated, treated with respect and there are plenty of HT's that do just that :)

  3. Wow, I've never experienced anything like this at any HT before. However, I rarely shop there (nearest one is like 35 mins. away) until SD times. I agree, if they don't like couponers then find somewhere else to work!!! I totatlly agree with you FFB about contacting corporate. It seems that "she" cashier has gotten away with her behavior for far to long!!

    I'm a real stickler about customer service and you have one time to do me wrong, and I will avoid your business like the plague!!! Right now there are two businesses I've sworn off in Sanford due to worker's attitudes!! I feel like this, if I'm going to a place of business to possibly spend my hard-earned I should be given the respect I deserve!! I've had to call managers and main offices of restaurants for workers and their attitudes!! Customer service is definitely not what it use to be. I hope your letter will result in some changes to that particular store!!