Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting Fit!

So lately I have been focusing on saving money with coupons I have let the gym and my nutrition get out of focus. I have been gaining weight and it isn't pretty. So I need to have a goal and I found this great facebook page where they do monthly challenges. So I joined!

I am on the Purple Yellow Team! This is Get Moving May. I need to track the minutes I do cardio and toning PLUS how many OZ of water I drink. I just journal for the month. I am going to get back to running. I want to start the couch to 5K program again. Funny after running a half marathon going back to the couch to 5K but I am going to start again slowly and work my way up to a half or maybe even a full for next Winter/Spring.

So this is my game plan for the week.
Drinking 1 1/2 gallon a day of fluids water and crystal light
Tonight I am doing Spin
Tues 1 Hour Running Class in the gym and 1 spin class
Wed 1 Hour Spin 1 Hour Weights
Thur 3 Classes so 3 Hrs of Cardio and 1 hr weights
Fri 1 hour cardio 1 hour weights
Sat 1 hour weights 1 hour cardio

In the gym I take
Spin, TTT which is 20 minutes in 3 circuits of weights, cardio, step. I also do Body Pump and Body Combat. I am looking to see how I can work in some water aerobics classes. I also want to incorporate swimming on M W F at 630 and swim a mile daily in the gym.

My Goal is to also stay on track for WW points and journal that as well!
So exciting I hope to lose 15 lbs this month and get this horrible number off the scale!

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