Monday, May 16, 2011

The last 2 days

Ok I did pretty good on the 800 calories but I think I got more to 1000. LOL I am ok with that as I think 800 is a bit low. The 1000 I would say came from these 2 pretzels Erik made. I ate 2 of them and they were 120 calories. But I ate them at 9 at night and I was mad I ate after 6pm. So I am going to work on not eating after 6. This am I got up at 445 for the gym. I wanted to do Body Pump but I fell back asleep for a few minutes work up at 506 and realized I won't make the 515 class. But I was up and wanted to work out. I drove to the gym the sun was coming up and I said forget the gym I am going to walk the track. I walked 2 miles and came home. I wasn't sure what time it was at that point and it was very bright out. I knew I had to be home to get the kids at 730.
I stayed in work out mode and went back to the gym at 930 for Step class. This class is challenging to me because of all the choreography but I am sure it will get easier. So in class the room was so hot I was sweating like a beast I thought I was going to pass out. The instructor actually came back and asked me if it was all sweat LOL. I made it thru class and was so proud. Facebook is a great motivator because I posted about it staying in the gym for 5 days straight and 2 of my friends commented on it and how glad they were to see me. Day 1 down!
Tomorrow I will walk again since I know the sun comes up so early I like that vs. being inside the gym. I might even start the training for the marathon tomorrow I was going to wait until June 1st. But who knows maybe it will help. But I doubt it LMBO didn't help when I started training for the half. Tomorrow is Body Combat and Body Pump can't wait to get back to these classes again! YAY
I got on the scale this am no big change so I am not going to worry about that. I have to admit I am hungry on just 800 calories so I am drinking tons of water. Also going to the bathroom tons. Good thing I am frugal and get toilet paper dirt cheap HAHA
Heading in the direction of 100 lbs down for sure by the end of the year.

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