Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shopping is almost done for the month.

My husband has 3 teeth pulled yesterday OUCH! We were only expecting 1 but the dentist looked and said well you have 2 wisdom teeth that are in bad shape I can take them before it starts hurting you OR I can get them today and you won't feel the pain later. So my brave husband said ok take them all. So implants are coming next....looks like I better keep doing coupons to afford these 1400 FAKE TEETH LOL. I haven't asked but I wonder is it for all 3 teeth or just the one tooth because you don't need your wisdom teeth right? Hmm I need to ask about this one maybe we can get a deal SCORE!!!!

Ok so he was off today so I decided to use our food budget money and try to do all the shopping for the month today. Well as much stuff as I could get on sale I am not buying stuff if it isn't a good deal. So far today I am done with everything BUT
3 Chicken breasts packages I can't find them on sale anywhere. But I have 2 packages here from last month so I can use them until they go on sale I have 2 more weeks LOL.
2 Packages of Turkey Burgers from Jenny O Cajun Seasoning Thanks Candace Erik loves these! LOL We went to our friend Candace's awhile ago and my husband had these. He had the ones from BJ's not sure of the brand and loved them he had these and said I have no idea what I was eating before but it is gross compared to Jenny O so I have to go to Walmart for these so I might hit them up on the way home from getting the kids.
4 London Broils I know I should have gotten them last week during the bogo sale but I assumed that they would still have the sale going on until Memorial day. I have 2 London Broils in the freezer and 4 Beef Tenderloins so if I don't get them I won't be meal less but I really want to get these on bogo so I will wait until it happens again.
2 Garlic Bread Texas Toast or Pepperidge Farm none were on sale from where I went today and I went to Kroger, Harris Teeter, Lowes and ran into Food Lion for a quick walk thru.
2 Cream Cheese getting at Aldi
3 Butters getting at Aldi
School snacks (I have a few but not sure the kids will like them. 49 cent rice cakes with a 55 cent off 2 coupon I got 6 of them I hope the kids like them.)
Ice Cream for toothy over here LOL
Tater tots cuz he wants grilled cheese and tater tots for dinner tonight.
Pretzels not sure why he wants pretzels but ok.

So far I have spent 260.00 for my monthly groceries and I don't plan on spending more then 75.00 on all of this so I will be under 350.00 for a family of 4 groceries. That is like 85 a week!

I have also decided I will not buy anymore
Pasta, Rice, Mac and Cheese, Taco stuff, Veggies, Detergent, fabric softener, shampoo, soap, deodorant, or conditioner.

I have so much of this stuff the stockpile areas are exploding!
So far I have saved 200.75 and spent 260.85 as of 5-4-11 at 2:24pm LMBO I am going shopping in a little bit for my Aldi and Walmart runs.

I met a lady in the store gave her some coupons and talked to her about couponing. She was into it but curious if I was one of those Extreme Couponers. I said well I hope to be that way one day. 43% savings for the month so far I need to get to 55% savings this month!!!!

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