Thursday, May 5, 2011

TLC Extreme Couponing 5-4-11

WOW what a great show that was. I have to admit this ranks up with Nathan's 2nd Episode as my fav one so far. The couple who were able to donate what was it over 20K in free products AMAZING. So how can you do something like this? Well what I read on the forums and what I was most interested in was the jeans. They could only print 2 so this was for a church so I am sure they put out a request for people to print coupons. So if you have friends or family that won't use the coupons ask them to print them just send the link to them and ask them to print it. Man I wish I was still working I would have been able to print tons LOL.

I am all about teaching my kids in real life lessons. They have seen on our way to drop off my daughter last year at preschool lining up at the food bank at 8am. They asked what was going on and I explained to them that they are going to go for food and people donate food and supplies. Well this summer I am going to have them learn about donating. I know that Angel Food Ministries my oldest daughter can help bring out groceries to the cars. My little ones might not be able to help with that though. But I want them to see me in action giving back and losing weight. This summer they will each have a large tote that they will shop with me weekly (makes for a good one on one time too) that we will shop and come home with stuff they want to donate. They can fill up the tote and it will be a rewarding experience to fill that tote up hopefully lots of times and donate it.

I also need to become hard mommy in the working out department. My oldest needs more activity. Last night I went to go work out and told her come with me lets go walk while we wait for your sister at gymnastics. She said no and I gave in and said fine. But I can't do that I know that taking the first step is the hardest. So I am not going to take no anymore. She MUST walk with me. I am doing this for her and for me. My kids will learn from what they see so me losing weight and saving money hopefully it will be second nature for them.

I am not going shopping again until Sunday. Taking a break since I hit every store yesterday. Hubby is off it is our 11 year anniversary tomorrow. I am looking to go get a present for him so I might look online for a coupon for the store I am going to. We are going to dinner tonight hopefully Moe's for $3.00 Joey Burritos. Plus tomorrow night we are going to the movies. Saved on babysitting fees when my friend and I agreed to swap baby sitting on our anniversaries LOL. So I will watch her kids next month! Feliz Cinco De Mayo friends!

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