Monday, May 2, 2011

Monthly Total YAY!!!

Ok so I pulled out all my receipts today and I am so excited to share the news.
Cost 2146.52
Saved 1113.71
Total Out of Pocket 1088.12
52% Savings for the month.

This includes groceries, clothes, and our trip in Myrtle Beach when I saved 192 on tickets!
I must say I normally wouldn't spend this much so I am curious to see what next month brings because hubby has told me the spending needs to slow down. Kinda funny he is telling me the spending needs to slow down when I am saving so much. HAHA But we have our income tax check I have been pulling from so I was able to spend more. But I also bought clothes for the trip and did grocery shopping for Easter and the trip. I didn't skimp on the trip we had a condo so we had breakfast and made lunch daily in our condo. Dinner we did out but I had lots of snacks and goodies on the trip.

I am so excited I hope to next month be at 55% savings. I haven't gone shopping yet this month and it is already 2 days into the month. I am plotting a huge trip to Tacos and Tostito's LOL so I am waiting for payday and I am off shopping! YAY!

It was fun shopping but I can't wait to build the soldiers packets I will figure out the totals tonight what I need for those. I will post that too.
Hope you all had a great day,

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