Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coming out of my funk.....LOL

After I wrote that post this am I thought WOW I am really being a Debbie Downer I have so many things to be thankful for and happy. So I am going to post something HAPPY! Well happy for me at least.

It is 2:25 and I have not strayed from my Slim Fast Meal Plan. So I am not sure if I talked about this before. I watched GMA well I watch it daily it is my way of keeping up with what is going on in the world. So they reviewed the top 3 diet plans. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Slim Fast. Well surprisingly Weight Watchers came in last. It didn't do so well in the long term where Jenny Craig did. But Slim Fast beat WW and since I had some WW shakes ok we have 2 cases sitting in the outside fridge LMBO I decided to put them to good use. So I have had today.
1 Slim fast shake for bfast
1 Slim fast snack bar around 10 for a snack.
1 Slim fast shake for lunch and a apple with PB LOVE THAT!
I am going to carpool in a little bit so I am going to bring another snack bar and for dinner I am having a 500 calorie dinner. For snack I am eating a 100 calorie bar tonight a WW Ice Cream bar. I am going for 1500-1800 cal a day. My hubby thinks that is to low but I am going to see what it does. Oh and water OMG I am going to float away. I have been drinking water non stop. So I am excited things are going good today on the weight loss front HAHA

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