Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Totals so far....

So I started a new job and it took a few weeks to get into my groove and to also keep up the momentum with the savings. I have kept shopping with coupons but I haven't been as diligent putting my receipts away. So I know that I am missing lots.

Paid 682.52
Retail 1121.90
SAVED 439.38 39% savings
But again this is missing quite a few receipts I am sure.

Paid 312.63 I know I spent way more so lots of receipts are missing
Retail 540.80
Saved 228.17 42% savings

August is a fun month already we have Super Doubles. So far for the first 10 days
Paid 267.13
Retail 512.68
Saved 245.55 47% Savings

I am back on track in the savings department and loving every minute of it still. I need to work on my stockpile. I am low on the following:
Pasta Sauce
Peanut Butter

We are pretty good on everything else so I am happy about that.

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